Pink Peppermint empowers women affected by breast cancer with a practical and compassionate approach to their informational, physical and emotional needs through our

 M.I.N.T ModeL


Motivate, Inspire, Nurture, and Transform


What we do

Our organization equips breast cancer patients and their caregivers with a powerful and

compassionate approach to the cancer journey-helping women to heal at all levels of body, mind, and spirits



Motivate: educating women and supporters to take a positive and responsible approach to one's health. Promote open discussions through social media campaigns (ex;#pinklipstickcampaign #poutwithus

Inspire: spread awareness through compassion and love

Nurture Providing beauty, wellness, and support services to recondition, strengthen, empower and enhance the quality of life. 

Transform: Helping women survive Breast Cancer and increase confidence through workshops, retreats, empowerment event and local hospitals, and sending care packages to patients. 


Our Values

Compassion: At the core of Pink Peppermint approach is a deep compassion and love for oneself

Empowerment: A positive, responsible and proactive approach to one's health and treatment is central. We support women to make informed choices and to advocate to their right to choose whenever possible. We commit to creating an environment that enables women to embrace their healing process. 

Provide high-quality services that have been thoughtfully constructed to meet the delicate and unique needs of breast cancer patients and survivors with the goal of enhancing confidence and improving their appearance through compassion and complementary services.

To reflect the community and provide first class service that surpasses our benefactor's expectations. Promoting the whole person, spiritually, physically, and mentally.  Our organization is dedicated to continuous improvement in all areas.

To provide compassion based, care, services, and events by pursuing and embracing the latest technologies for our benefactors. 

Target Customers

Pink Peppermint serves women with breast cancer through outreach programs working through area hospitals, doctors, social workers, and related organizations that serve and know women with a particular need or condition. Pink Peppermint will directly target women affected by breast cancer from low-income cities and neighborhoods. 

Our work focuses on 5 critical areas



Risk and Prevention: The best weapon we could have against breast cancer is the ability to stop happening in the first place. 





Early Detection and Diagnosis: 1 out of 8  women are diagnosed with breast cancer, Every 13 minutes a woman dies of Breast Cancer, we want to eliminate breast cancer as a death sentence earlier breast cancer is found and the earlier
treatment is started, the greater the chances are of surviving the disease. Breast awareness and breast screening are vital ways to ensure women are diagnosed early. Raise money for mammograms and ultrasounds. 




Support: provide critical support services free of charge to help relieve a breast cancer patient’s burden while in treatment. Services include (2020)
Grocery Assistance
Light Housekeeping
Childcare Reimbursement
Nutritious, Prepared Meals
Rent and Utilities Payment

At its core is the practice of deep compassion for oneself that expands outward in engaged connection with others in the community.



Identify and Showcase:  Work with FDA, and other institutions, to regulate and remove cancer-causing ingredients. There is a lack of beauty solutions and products tailored to cancer patients. Pink Peppermint Project will shed light on these scarcities and showcase beauty providers and provide on-site solutions that are tailored for women with sensitive skin. 

Emotional and Physical Wellness:  50% of women diagnosed with early breast cancer had some form of depression, anxiety, and or both after diagnosis. For women who survive breast cancer are concerned about body image.  Through partnership and donations, it is our goal to keep women feeling beautiful and strong. Quarterly events at hospitals, Personal Make-up Services at area hospitals. 



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